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Designed to make potty training easier, faster, more cost-effective AND healthier for your baby or toddler

3 Reasons Why The Baby Throne® Is Healthier AND More Effective

Due to its unique design, it can hold a baby safely in the optimal squat position for proper elimination.

Helps to prevent or significantly reduce constipation and bloating due to regular, hassle-free emptying of the bowels.

Significantly reduces diaper rash and the risk of urinary tract infections.

Why Is The Squat Position So Important?

When we are in the squat position the Puborectalis muscle relaxes, instinctively triggering the urge to push and aiding in the complete emptying of the bowels. Typical baby potties and toilet trainers do not help your baby to sit in the squat position, which makes it significantly more difficult to achieve complete elimination.

A Message From Our Founder

“Hi, I’m Zoe Durbach – the scientist, engineer and (most importantly) mother who invented the Baby Throne. I created the Baby Throne in 2009 for my son, Hector, because there was (and is) nothing on the market (locally or internationally) that can safely hold babies and toddlers in the optimal squat position for complete elimination. Through using the Baby Throne while toilet training my son – I discovered it was possible for children to be done with nappies well before 18 months. This is the same age children were toilet trained by, before the invention of disposable nappies!”

3 Reasons Why The Baby Throne® Will Save You Time AND Money

The Baby Throne can be used safely from a much earlier age than a standard potty, effectively as soon as they are capable of sitting up straight unaided. This means you can of course start (and finish) potty training sooner.

The time spent on nappy changes is significantly lower – as much as 60%.

The time babies spend on the potty is also less, due to the instinctive push that’s triggered by the Baby Throne’s design.

The number of nappies used is significantly lower – as much as 60% savings within the first two years.

What Do The Experts Say?

“I am a top paediatric surgeon; I do not want to be doing evacuations on babies suffering from constipation – that is a temporary solution to a symptom. The Baby Throne not only helps constipation but also trains the parent to allow baby to have a moment for nature to take its course. The Baby Throne is much safer and healthier for babies than medication and surgical procedures.”

Prof Robin Alexander Brown, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town

How Does The Baby Throne Work?

The Baby Throne can be used during the 3 simple stages of natural progression:

Stage 1: Beginner

Use as a Seat

4 - 6 months but can also start much later

Routinely place the baby, wearing a nappy, on the Baby Throne for a maximum of 10 minutes twice a day until the baby instinctively poops while on the Throne.

Stage 2: Intermediate

Use as a Potty

7 months

Turn the base over. Place the baby (no diaper) on the Baby Throne. Once the baby is comfortable with this, move on to the advanced stage.

Stage 3: Advanced

Use as a Toilet Trainer

7 months - 4 years (max 20kgs)

Simply place the seat, without the base, on top of the toilet. It fits both oval and square shaped toilets.

How To Use The Baby Throne

What Do Others Say About The Baby Throne?

Featured on
10 x Most Green Product Award & Most Innovative Product Award
Baby Clinic Approved and Endorsed by Paediatricians
Proudly South African

Fantastic feedback from our fans on Facebook

How does the Baby Throne compare to other options?

Key Differences Baby Throne Typical Potty* Toilet Trainer*
Baby is held safely in the optimal squat position
Squat position helps to prevent constipation and bloating
Potty training can safely start as soon as baby can sit upright unaided
Fast tracks toilet training before solids and constipation problems
Reduces total nappy cost by 60% (approximately 2200 fewer nappies)*
Endorsed by paediatricians, medics and baby clinics
Optimal for Elimination Communication
Reduces nappy landfill by up to 60% *

* Savings based on client feedback. Comparison made with typical potties and toilet trainers.

Why The Baby Throne Works!

Baby Throne Options

Option 1: Seat Only for the Advanced Stage


  • Seat
  • Toilet Training Manual
  • Toilet Training Chart
  • FREE Insurance
  • FREE Delivery

Choose this option if you only need a seat to place on top of the toilet as a toilet trainer. The seat fits both oval and square toilets.


Advanced set up (seat only on toilet)

Option 2: All-in-One Potty Training System


  • Seat + Base + Lid
  • Toilet Training Manual
  • Toilet Training Chart
  • FREE Insurance
  • FREE Delivery

This option contains all 3 parts and includes everything you will ever need for potty and toilet training from age 4 months to 4 years (or 20kg). 


Beginner set up  Intermediate set up  Advanced set up (seat only on toilet)  Step up for child  Squat step for adult  Step stool

Buy The Baby Throne Online Now

Option 1:
Seat Only

Only R599

Option 2:
Full Set

Only R999

Q & A Section

Yes – if you are not happy with your Baby Throne in 14 days, send it back and we will refund you; no questions asked. We have not had one returned yet!

The company name is Knight’s Baby Training (KBT) and we are based in Cape Town; we created the Baby Throne and the Grand Throne.  The Sandplast factory quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and the manufacturing facility is FDA certified.
Unit 3
Range Industrial Park
Cape Town
Telephone number:  +27 21 905 175

You can reach us telephonically on +27 21 905 1725 or via email on

All Baby Throne orders will be insured and have a tracking number which can be tracked on the website of The Courier Guy. You will receive your tracking number after you have submitted your Baby Throne order and we have received payment confirmation.

If you are concerned about your Baby Throne order, you can contact The Courier Guy with your tracking number or reach out to us and we will assist you.

Most Baby Throne orders are dispatched via Courier Guy within 48 hours of receiving your order and payment. Delivery times are 4 working days.

Also note, due to COVID-19 unexpected delays can occur.

You will receive an email from us with all your tracking numbers and the contact details and website address where you can track your parcel via The Courier Guy. You can also reply to that email and we will assist you.

If your Throne does not arrive after 4 days from the day it was sent please contact us and we will assist you.

Full Set Size: 40 X 40 X 40 cm
Full Set Weight: 2.5kg

Seat Only Size: 40 X 40 X 20 cm
Seat Only Weight: 1.5kg

If you know your Baby Throne order number please contact us for an urgent resolution to your enquiry.

If you do not know your Baby Throne order number, then please check if you can find the order confirmation email.

If you do not have the Baby Throne order number and the order confirmation email has been lost, please give us enough details so we can identify your order in our system.

If you cannot find the Baby Throne on other websites it means they are out of stock; we will deliver soonest!

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